Made from 100% natural, plant-based materials, Corelle Nature is the super-durable and eco-friendly choice for your foodservice needs. Even more durable than melamine*, this dinnerware has no plastic fillers or binders, and is microwave safe. Plus, it’s recyclable, so it won’t end up in a landfill. Reduce replacement costs, and feel good about the dinnerware you serve on, with Corelle Nature.

*Breakage Testing by Corelle Brands R&D Corning, NY, July 2019

11.8" x 5.9" • 300 mm x 150 mm
24 units/case

D 9.9" • 253 mm
24 units/case

SMALL BOWL 8.4 oz • 250 mL
D 4.3" • 111 mm
36 units/case

D 8.1" • 208 mm
24 units/case

LARGE BOWL 15.2 oz • 450 mL
D 5.8" • 147 mm
36 units/case

MUG 13.5 oz • 400 mL
D 3.2" • 82.7 mm
24 units/case

the natural alternative

Corelle Nature is eco-friendly dinnerware, sourced from 100% natural, renewable resources. It’s an upgrade from melamine, with greater resistance to breaking, and the ability to use in the microwave.

Ideal for Foodservice

Corelle Nature is the perfect choice for the foodservice environment. It’s super-durable, eco-friendly, and ideal for serving food.

The Healthy Choice

Made from natural, plant-based materials, with no harmful chemicals or plastic fillers, it’s also non-toxic and BPA-free. Corelle Nature is a truly sustainable product that delivers peace of mind.

Safe for Microwave Use

Corelle Nature can safely withstand temperatures up to 248 ̊F in the microwave, unlike melamine or plastic.


Made from natural, plant-based materials, Corelle Nature is eco-friendly. It’s recyclable, renewable, and reusable. And it’s made using an energy-saving process that reduces carbon emissions.

Upgrade from Melamine or Bamboo

Corelle Nature is more durable than melamine, with no breakage during testing.* And, unlike most bamboo dinnerware, it has no plastic fillers or binders.